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Back in 2013 I bought a 2004 mitisubishi fuso fg, it was showing 47000 miles on it, low miles right? I paid $19990.00 for it.

Less then a year latter transmission went bad had to be rebuilt , also the clutch was very bad. I've spent 6500.00 to get it back on the road, a lot of money to spend on a vehicle that I just paid 20k. With 26k I could get a very nice truck from another dealer. Don't get fooled by the vehicles from them showing low miles or nice paint.

I will never buy from them again, if you want to, if you think you're getting a good deal! Good lock, you're going to need it.

Monetary Loss: $65000.

I didn't like: Oil leak was never fixed.

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Your blaming Mitsubishi for the problems with the truck, you have know idea how the previous owner took care

of it. Also clutches wear out especially if you have a lot of different drivers. You bought a truck 10 years old and your surprised it needs work.

to Joe7588 #1133567

Number of drivers has absolutely nothing to do with the clutch.

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