If it were possible, I would give less than a one star rating for this outfit. My advice, buy nothing from these folks unless you go to their physical location, look at what you're buying first, give it a thorough test drive and inspection, and then GO LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! Another reviewer was absolutely correct in stating that these guys like to slather a vehicle's frame with paint to cover up the rust and then post photos that are only revealing enough to be come-on. My experience with them proves it. Insist on detailed close-up photos, or better yet GO ELSEWHERE!

When I arrived to pick up the truck that I had bought I found out that the frame had been poorly welded in such a way as to obscure some sort of damage. The response, "How do we know it's not just a reinforcement?" and "How do you know those welds are no good?" (I'm a welding instructor, by the way.) Since I had to pay for the vehicle to transfer the title to get a plate to drive it home I was stuck. It did get me home with a large number of undisclosed problems, but the frame is so rusty that I will be hard pressed to even sell it at a loss, although it looked great in the photos, covered in fresh black paint.

While I can't say that these folks are outright liars, let's just say that if "Sins of Omission" will get you time in ***, these boys are in for one heck of a long barbeque...as the main course. The list of what is wrong with the truck goes on and on, but none of that was mentioned in their Craigslist ad, nor by Kyle, their salesman. When I got there and expressed that I wanted to cancel the deal due to the undisclosed, poorly welded repair to the truck I got the "Great Oz" treatment, the owner was conveniently unavailable for consultation. Count me as one thoroughly dissatisfied customer.

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