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I bought an 04 GMC 2500HD. They pointed out a little rust on the bumper, fixed an exhaust leak after I complained about it, and assured me the truck was good for the 8000 mile trip I was planning.

A few weeks later, only one day into my cross-country trip the supposedly fixed exhaust system almost fell off, overwhelming me with exhaust in the cab, causing me to pass out briefly several times before I could pull off the highway. Turns out the exhaust was being held on by only one hanger in the rear and an old clip on the manifold! How could they claim it was fixed!? Within the next few days I had to replace more parts, costing me over $5100.

The truck they promised was worth the $16,900 needed new ignition tumbler, new brakes, new shocks, new transfer case and control module, new emergency brake. All were old, and corroded, and unsafe. How could they possibly have claimed the truck was in good condition? I told them I was embarking on the trip and Kyle assured me the truck was road worthy.

The truck was anything but.

They didn't do anything to get this truck ready to sell, and they haven't responded to my call.

Monetary Loss: $5100.

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Here's a more accurate list of my loss on this truck so far.

8/29/13 $281.65 Replace ignition cylinder, New Keys and Remote

9/05/13 $261.10 Replace Clamp and Rehang Exhaust

9/13/13 $2,576.75 Transfer Case and Transfer Case Motor

9/19/13 $1345.70 Brakes and Shocks

9/23/13 $152.26 Fix Emergency Brake


Tail Pipe is still bent and needs to be addressed since it can't be lined up with the rear hanger.

New Sliding Rear Window sprung loose, allowing exhaust into cab. Hopefully the glass installer will fix.

Rumbling noise making hard turns, especially left turn.

Loose, rattling sound in steering column. Maybe it's supposed to do that?

Driver door hinge pins, door hangs down slightly. A small thing which I will get fixed, but included for a more complete picture.



Followed a few days ago, since I never got a call back. Salesman was unhappy about my negative review "on every site" on the internet. Hmmmm… Said come on up and we'll discuss the issues. I offered to email the bills and photos so they could see for themselves, and he said, "what good will that do?" Couple of days later (10/24), planning to drive the 45 minutes up, I called to make sure the owner would be there. He got on the phone and made it clear he had no intention of taking any responsibility. Here's my summary of the conversation:

Don: So, what's wrong with the truck? (Like he would do anything about it.)

Me: The exhaust came loose on the highway, it was only hanging by one hanger.

Don: That happens. Maybe you hit a bump. I'm not doing anything about that.

Me: There was a hole in the transfer case.

Don: Maybe you hit a rock.

Me: The transfer case control motor is blown out like an overstuffed sandwich.


Me: The brakes had no life in them. The emergency brake was a twisted piece of rust.

Don: So what's wrong with the truck now?

Me: The tail pipe is still bent.

Don: Maybe you backed into something.

Me: No, it's banged up from swinging around on the highway.

Don: Well, I'm not doing anything about that. (The same thing he said when I told him the ignition tumbler was worn out a few days after I took the truck.)

Me: The shocks were blown, looked like they were never replaced.

Don: You went to a dealer who talked you into replacing everything.

Me: No. You sold me an unsafe truck that needed almost $5000 worth of work within the first month, just to make it safe and drivable.

Don: So what's wrong with the truck?

Me: The rear window you replaced has sprung loose.

Don: We didn't replace the window. Oh, I'll have our window guy call you.

Me: So you don't feel you have any responsibility to make good on the truck?

Don: No. We sell commercial trucks. There's no warranty on vehicles over (xxx) miles in the state of Massachusetts.

Me: So, you don't feel any obligation, moral or otherwise?

Don: No.

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